Our Tour Guides !
- Guiding is not just telling you what we know , but also listening to what you want to know ...
- Experienced english  tour guides.

- Professional licensed egyptologists.
- They worked for the most famous travel agencies for the last 20 years.
- They have the ability to take you back through the ancient history  &magic and civilization.

- They will share their knowledge and love to egypt with you and they will show you egypt from the other side. 
- They like photography , they will help you gitting great pictures. 
- They will provide you by professional explanation for the local life. 
- As tour guides  : our love to egypt gives the chance to show you the true image of the country .
- Egypt is not just the history & civilization but also the local life. So let us discover true egypt  ..
- That's why if you are looking for a tour or a trip in egypt with your family & friends or even as a solo traveler ?

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